Welcome to Yorkshire Hybrid Centre

Here at Yorkshire’s first ever Hybrid Centre, we know all about helping companies save tax and capital through effective running of a hybrid fleet.

At the Yorkshire Hybrid Centre we believe that it is not just about reducing our impact on the environment now, we believe that is is our duty to lead the next generation - the future of motoring, using intelligent technology.

No Road Tax

Yorkshire Hybrid Centre is a division of Oughtibridge Garage Limited, a family run business that has been driving the people in Sheffield and the rest of Yorkshire for over 72 years.

Pay No Congestion Charge in Central London

With proven expertise in saving companies money and rewarding staff through tax breaks, let us show you how your company could benefit from running a hybrid fleet.

Low Company Car Tax from 5% Benefit in Kind

Operating across the UK from our Sheffield office, we offer a complete package to remove the burden of sourcing and providing your fleet vehicles.

Save up to £7,000 in Corporation Tax

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