Yorkshire Hybrid Centre Servicing

Keep a tight grip on servicing costs with a Service Plan which Guarantees you up to 3 Years Servicing at today’s prices – Inflation Proof and Interest Free!

We are delighted to introduce a service plan which provides you with more flexible and affordable options for servicing your hybrid here at Yorkshire Hybrid Centre.

Our service plans guarantee the price of parts and labour for up to three services and safeguards against any further inflationary increases. Furthermore, it covers the cost of all standard service items.

Service plans offers you a range of convenient ways to pay. You can either choose to add your servicing costs into your monthly spend by paying a fixed amount. Or if you would prefer you can pay for all your servicing costs upfront, giving you peace of mind. Having your hybrid serviced at an Official Workshop at the recommended intervals, by fully trained technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment will not only keep it running at its peak performance, but ensures that it is being maintained by the experts.

Lexus Hybrid Drive technology was pioneered by Lexus , so when servicing hybrid technology, it is best trusted to a Lexus Authorised Repairer. Our technicians, all graduates of the highly regarded Lexus Certified Training programme are widely respected experts

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